Good grief. What’s up with this texting business.

Is it now easier to type on keyboards that are so small you can’t even use them for a coaster, than to talk?

Why not go back to Morse code? Then, to make it worse, the phone plans charge more for the plan if it includes texting. Hello. People are being ripped off big time, as far as I’m concerned. Just the thought of using those small keys on my phone

wears me out. It must be the youngsters that get a kick out of typing their messages. They would probably like it better, if an empty tomato can could be hooked up to the phone, to speak into.

Then, to top that off, people want to text while driving a vehicle. Sounds like an impulse problem. People can’t control their impulses. Again, must be youngsters.  If they aren’t doing 10 things at a time they suffer sensory deprivation. Ha!

Anyway, do not text while driving people. Serious.

Also do not text while walking  around the Grand Canyon, sudden deepening of water depth while wading in the lake or ocean, while a drive by shooting is going on, near a swimming pool that is more than 4 feet deep … this can go on quite awhile, ha?