I worked at a local jail for 5 years. I probably am more for using physical force, than most people. Nothing shocks me. I believe, ‘I get it.’ When these tactics are moved from the jails and prisons, to public venues; on the other hand, there is a risk to public safety. Those methods should be restricted to correctional facilities; otherwise, The people charged with protecting the public, can become a danger to the public. I never saw an injury, such as occurred to that man, in the jail setting. Believe, me. Unless the person was truly crazy, it went from F U to yes sir and yes ma’am. I won’t go into the tactics used on belligerent inmates, in this article.


One person replied to an article, that if your asked to comply, you comply. I agree with that, frankly. I believe the man should have left the plane willingly. Some people don’t have the good sense god should have given them. On the other hand, this person was not a criminal and was in a public place. One has an expectation of civil behavior. He simply did not want to give up his seat – right or wrong, it didn’t warrant violence, or a complete disregard for the person’s safety. At least, not in this situation. What-ever happened to problem solving techniques and compassion. What were the consequences, of the man keeping his seat? This is one of the questions that should have been pondered before injuring the man and causing a public display? Obviously, from the public outrage, injuring someone, because they would not do what you say, isn’t always the right thing to do. We are getting away from corporal punishment of children in schools (we all know how obstinate a child can be). This was similar. Some grown-ups have child-like behavior. They shouldn’t necessarily be subjected to corporal punishment.

The good news is, United Airlines changed their policy. Hopefully, the Marshals will think on this and institute some investigative and problem solving techniques, before determining the need for the use of force. This seemed like the most benign of cases. No danger to anyone. It was a disagreement, that could have been managed internally and prevented all this ‘hupla.’ This gives new meaning to making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. Respond, if you wish to opine.