If the democrats can actually bring about impeachment proceedings against a president like this one, on trumped-up charges; it would only mean one thing – The president really doesn’t have any power – Just a figurehead that can be taken out by vicious people, who do not even attempt to hide their contempt. If they could, they would ride the President out on a rail, simply because they want to. Wow, this is an eye opener. I still can not understand, how people in government can keep their jobs, after the behavior and frame of mind they display. Again, an eye opener. Who knew our government would seem so weak. All the weapons in the world will not work, when up against an imploding government. I don’t want to see what rises to the top, once that happens. Can you spell, eebie jeebies? That’s what it gives me.

You be the judge – I suppose, what I’m getting at is: In the context they created, the democrats have lost all credibility.

Despite the media and Democrat’s belligerence

, however, the world see’s President Trump as a good thing (not just the patriots, in the United States). There is hope. Here’s to a prosperous world. Raise your glass to President Trump. Raise your glass to a long-lasting and prosperous planet earth. Raise your glass to the universe.spok