There was an episode where a politician performed a “body slam” on a reporter. I wasn’t there, and I haven’t seen a video on it, so I don’t know. I can only imagine the reporter pushing a microphone in the politician’s face, or standing too close. Yes, a person has a certain space limit, where they become very uncomfortable if someone invades it.

It’s called, ‘don’t start nuthin; there won’t be nuthin.’ Just like nations protect their space, individuals protect their space. Invading someone’s space and staying there after repeated requests and demands to get out of it, will often cause an altercation. If a person does that, and gets body slammed, they shouldn’t whine about their glasses being broken. People say, oh, you shouldn’t resort to violence in any case. Body slamming the person was probably mild. That doesn’t sound like violence to me. He just did what came natural to his nature (and only went so far as to get the person out of his space), when a person was in his space making him uncomfortable. The reporter should consider himself lucky (and learn about human nature, from the incident). It is actually common sense.

I took some pictures from a Bing search. There is a lot out there regarding personal space.

personal space 3space 2personal-space 4

Of course, the ideal thing to do, is put up with it; however, realize that not everyone can. That is a good way to bait someone – invade their space long enough, and something is bound to happen. I would think the reporter’s behavior should be brought into question and some of the blame be put on him. Like I said from the start, though, I wasn’t there.

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