There is too much happening in the world to let anti-American and anti-government personnel keep going on with their unhindered campaigns to ruin this nation. It is time to throw the babies out with the swamp water.

There are people, even in government positions, sticking their middle fingers up at the president, swearing and being vulgar to the president of the United States. This can not be allowed to go on. They are using our democracy against us. Rights can be taken to an extreme, and abused. That is what is happening today. When a right becomes abused, it is no longer a right – we have to stop it. This has to do with the imbalance of power. Too much power is being taken away from the president – It seems he is allowing this to happen. If we don’t confront the internal dangers, we are not going to be effective at confronting external dangers, until it is too late.

Russia, China, North Korea … all know this country is becoming paralyzed with internal strife and in-fighting among its factions. Who knew the United States would succumb to the problems of the so-called, “third world countries.” Who knew the word ‘factions’ would be used regarding the United States. We need to turn this around. Only then, can we properly run this country and maintain our standing in the world. If the government in power doesn’t do something drastic, this country may be seeing its last days as any kind of super-power. The window to act is closing fast. In many area’s the window has already closed. If President Trump wants to keep this nation intact, and be able to utilize its strength, he going to have to institute some drastic measures.

I’m on a rant, so I’ll keep going.

First off, in this paragraph – China, and Russia are not our enemies. They are our competitors. China has man-made Islands. Countries are testing us and we are failing those tests. It used to be that the United states would make the bold moves and test other countries. Why aren’t we creating man made islands (I implied this in a previous blog)? Why aren’t we testing other countries? We should be the first, in doing new things. We are not only stagnating, we are moving backward. We should be creating underwater cities – fortified, of course, so a torpedo or something wouldn’t take it out. The city would need the capability to protect itself. Talking about that, we need new technologies and methods for protecting our country. Too many rogue nations have nuclear capabilities. We no longer have an advantage on thatLike I said, the windows of opportunity are closing fast and we need to act. Failure to do that, is putting our country at risk. It is too easy to be complacent, at a time when complacency will cause harm to us (more than likely, worse).

We need to stop thinking we are invulnerable. We need to come out of our coma. We need to do the hard things, to move our nation forward again. Once we stop evolving, we are dead meat. You don’t have to look far to see nations that have note evolved, and are in ruins – These nations probably would not exist without out other nations, essentially running those countries. Create/invent new technologies. Use these technologies to our fullest advantage.

There are people who know exactly what I’m talking about – Get moving!