spectrumWow and Yikes!. Spectrum Cable just doesn’t want to work with us. Now they want approximately $5.00 a month for each digital adaptor, in the house. Good grief. The adaptor is needed to be able to receive the service, on our televisions. That seems like extorted pricing to me. If they are needed to be able to use the service, and they gave the adaptors out when they went digital, isn’t it wrong to start charging now?

We called Spectrum to try to get a cheaper package – Believe it or not, the person checked on what he could do for us; then, came back with a $175.00 package. Hello! We told him we needed money taken off, not added on. The cheapest package they have is only $12.00 less than what we are paying, and doesn’t include the few channels we actually watch!

We asked the service guy, about the current offers on their website. Well, that doesn’t apply to us, because we are an existing customer. We would have to cancel Spectrum for at least 30 days, to be considered new customers (at least he gave us some potentially useful information, on that).

We used to be able to negotiate with Time Warner. Spectrum is too rigid, and doesn’t seem to care about its existing customers.

What say you.