secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others:
“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers” · [more]
synonyms: conspiracy · connivance · complicity · intrigue · plotting · secret understanding · collaboration · scheming
illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.


What were some of those examples again?

“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”  – “collusion between media owners and political leaders”

What is one of the good sounding synonyms?: collaboration – Of course a person could even spin this, with the following: “traitorous cooperation with an enemy.” — Well, good luck with that. Ha!

Let me change one of the above examples to: President Trump is working in collusion with the Russians – What would this mean, really? It could mean something beneficial, or it could mean something negative.

The people doing the accusing ought to be specific. I believe every president colluded with leaders of other nations.

It appears, as often happens, some people went off half cocked. Frankly, that has always been annoying. Do the homework, and get the facts straight, before moving forward. A lot of times, thinking things through, will stop whatever it is, that was being planned; simply because, it is found out that there is nothing to go on. Things are often not as they appear, on the surface. I believe that is what has made the media look bad, lately. In the fervor to get the story out, they get over-zealous and don’t look beneath the surface (they don’t do a thorough investigation) of something that, otherwise, looks negative or wrong.