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Since writing the last post, I had an epiphany.

I believe the leader of North Korea has been making attempts to improve relations with the U.S., but hasn’t had much success at it. A basket ball player was befriended, and he has had people from the U.S visit.

It seems he needs to surround himself with more than Generals, and move away from the martial law and military mentality a bit. He should also surround himself with diplomats and intelligent, hard-working people knowledgeable in fostering relationships, bonds, connections, internal affairs … etc. with other countries. He may already do that, I wouldn’t know. China can be a good neighbor and ally, by offering their services, in this area. That would be a great thing to do. The Chinese leaders could mentor him, in what it takes to survive and prosper as a country. Send advisors to assist him in endeavors to improve the country’s reputation around the world and to improve his ability to join in with other country’s world meetings. He is young and inexperienced in this area, I believe. Of course he knows a lot and has been taught a lot, but there are other fields and strategies that once learned, would improve his skills in dealing with other nations; as well as, broadening his horizons.

Just a thought. Someone ought to create an international show with commentary and such, dedicated to improving inter country relations and helping other countries with insights and understandings. They could call it, So and So saves the world! I got that from the science show, Bill Nye Saves World. People should check it out. It is entertaining and educational for everyone. I rate it VVG (very, very good). Ha!

Of course, I’m thinking positive thoughts that this current situation will work itself out. I’m just one of the masses; at the mercy of our leaders, and fate.


This is a complicated matter; however, knowing a little history can go a long way.

I have been watching Korean period dramas. The story lines  and fight scenes are great. I l like to watch the shows in the Korean language. That way, I can hear the actual voices of the actors and relate to them better, in other shows that the actors are in. Also, it is good to pick up a few words here and there. Watching these dramas, a person can’t help but to pick up on the rich, brutal, yet loving history that Korea has to offer, and gain some insights. One show (Six Flying Dragons) which depicted the ushering in of the Joseon period. It took place during the Goryeo period. I saw how successive kings brought new wisdom to the kingdom during the Joseon period. Another movie, Tree with Deep Roots, was great. I might have mixed it up, and I believe this one is where the king developed the Korean alphabet. Other great shows are: Hong Gil Dong, Faith, Roof Top Prince, and the Arang and the Magistrate. To me, most of the best shows were made in the back drop of the Joseon Period. I noted the interactions between China and Korea. There were times when they fought each other, and there were times when they fought alongside each other. There are close ties between China and Korea, if I understood what I was watching, correctly. Korea was separate, but at the same time, respected and depended on China for a measure of security. Some did not like the idea of being subordinate to China.

Well, the little bit of Korean history that I know, has been put out there.

Well, I guess what I’m getting at is that, yes, China probably has the most influence over North Korea. At the same time, North Korea is separate from China, and probably wants to do their own thing. At the same time North Korea doesn’t have as close a tie to any other country and probably depends on China more than any other country. If China put its foot down, Leader Kim Jon-Un would most likely do as China wishes.

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On another note

I don’t know the intricacies or diplomacy of the relations between the U.S. and North Korea; none the less, here is my view of things:

I’d like to see North Korea and the United States be on such good terms, that crossing the North Korean border would be as easy as crossing into New York, from New Jersey; and we welcome North Korean’s across our border with open arms.

Maxine Waters should not be disparaged for her ideas on how to work with North Korea. I don’t believe she is correct in the way she worded things, but she is trying to get a handle on how to approach the matter. I tend to think that getting money and the like from the United States has been like taking candy from a baby. We can’t buy friends. Also, a  country needs to respect other countries if it wants to be respected. The United States is not a paper tiger and can be pushed and disrespected, only so much before something happens. The U.S. could have taken over the world after world war II. Not only did this not happen, we did not claim or occupy the countries that were defeated. It should be obvious to the world, that the U.S does not want to take over any country. The U.S. could have claimed much of the middle east as their own shortly after the attack on 9/11, but it didn’t. The U.S. pretty much owned those counties while it was over there.

The point here, is that threatening the U.S. is counter productive. At this point, is there anything to be gained from it? If leader Kim Jon-Un put as much energy toward good relations with the U.S. as he does to antagonize it, he would be able to turn all this around, in a heart beat. President Trump is a compassionate man, as well as being a strong leader (from all indications that I have observed). Leader Kim Jon-Un doesn’t realize it, but all he as to do is respect him as the President of the U.S. and create a dialogue. President Trump would probably bend over back-words to work with him to help him make his country great. There is no reason to isolate himself and his country from the U.S. There is a give and take between countries. He should study how other countries interact (even between those countries where the customs are very different). He should ask himself, why things are the way they are, and how to change the situation, and work positively toward those goals. If he started moving in this direction, he will have already won. If he took steps to make his country prosperous, he would go down in history as being one of the greats. I’ll bet it would be amazing how fast sanctions would disappear and how fast his country could become prosperous, with open trade and the like with the world. There is a big world out there, why not work toward joining it. All countries do not have perfect relationships, but they work to better each other.

Look At China and the U.S. Of course they compete with each other, and have disagreements about things; but they work together none the less, to help each other and make this world a better place. It is the same with most countries.  Isn’t that better than the alternative?

감사합니다 (kamsahamnida)  Thank you