Since writing the last post, I had an epiphany.

I believe the leader of North Korea has been making attempts to improve relations with the U.S., but hasn’t had much success at it. A basket ball player was befriended, and he has had people from the U.S visit.

It seems he needs to surround himself with more than Generals, and move away from the martial law and military mentality a bit. He should also surround himself with diplomats and intelligent, hard-working people knowledgeable in fostering relationships, bonds, connections, internal affairs … etc. with other countries. He may already do that, I wouldn’t know. China can be a good neighbor and ally, by offering their services, in this area. That would be a great thing to do. The Chinese leaders could mentor him, in what it takes to survive and prosper as a country. Send advisors to assist him in endeavors to improve the country’s reputation around the world and to improve his ability to join in with other country’s world meetings. He is young and inexperienced in this area, I believe. Of course he knows a lot and has been taught a lot, but there are other fields and strategies that once learned, would improve his skills in dealing with other nations; as well as, broadening his horizons.

Just a thought. Someone ought to create an international show with commentary and such, dedicated to improving inter country relations and helping other countries with insights and understandings. They could call it, So and So saves the world! I got that from the science show, Bill Nye Saves World. People should check it out. It is entertaining and educational for everyone. I rate it VVG (very, very good). Ha!

Of course, I’m thinking positive thoughts that this current situation will work itself out. I’m just one of the masses; at the mercy of our leaders, and fate.