I just do not get it. Time after time, there is ‘so called devastation’ from flooding. Do our leaders really consider it, “devastation?” I don’t think so. Otherwise,  anyone who was and is, in a position to do something about the flooding, would have done something; unless, they thought that the damage from major flooding, winds, and  even tremors, are acceptable.

Take Tuscon, Arizona, for instance. There are what is called washes. They are dry riverbeds for most of the year. They become active during the monsoon rains. I believe the rivers take the water to the foot hills. Many of the roads turn into rivers, diverting the water to the foothills, also, I believe. I was in Tuscon for the last big “flood “- it ripped up roads, and took out bridges; however, I don’t believe there was any major actual flooding. That is the way Tuscon’s infrastructure is set up.

We have come a long way since 1776. It is amazing, how much has been accomplished and invented in such a relatively short period of time. Yet —- We do not address natural disasters that are recurrent. What is the deal with that. Houses are lost in floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, and what do we do? We use the same old method in re-building them, so they can be destroyed the next time around, and the next. How dumb is that? Sure, individuals don’t want to spend the money. This is one of those areas where government regulation comes into play. That is actually one of the benefits of democracy – the elected officials work to maintain and improve the standard of living for all.

We should be able to incorporate ways to divert water, in our infrastructure. We should build houses that can withstand wind, tremors, and high waters. As homes are lost, we should re-build them better, not the same. We have risen above nature, to great extent, when it comes to medical life issues. We haven’t done much, when it comes to the environment. Why is that? I believe that it is high time our priorities include incorporating flood and wind protections in our infrastructure. I would include being pro-active against tremors, also. That is often the problem with societies – we, for some reason, are shy about being proactive

Why is it that houses along side the ocean can’t be made to rise with the water level and made to withstand high hurricane level winds? Sure, it sounds futuristic, but it should be present times. Etcetera!

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