On the Fox News channel, I saw Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye spar, on the topic of climate change.

  • Bill Nye – Climate change is caused by human activity
  • Tucker Carlson – Just doesn’t know, but disagrees that we can say for sure that climate change is caused by humans.

Tucker Carlson is great to watch, because he usually makes mince meat out of his guests. He met his match with Bill Nye, However. Tucker usually seems to have a handle on the topic and can outwit the guest on his show. Not this time. This time, I don’t believe Mr. Tucker knew enough about the science behind the term, “climate change.” He should have done a little more homework, before tackling Bill Nye on this issue. It would have given Mr. Nye a chance to extrapolate; never the less, Mr. Nye is a very intelligent person, and it was obvious during this interview. He answered Mr. Carlson’s questions very well, unlike most of Mr. Carlson’s guests. This time, Mr. Carlson was out-matched.

I’m a little biased. I saw the series, Bill Nye Saves the World (a science show). It is a great series. Sometimes a person just gets a gut feeling about another person. I was hoping Mr. Nye would do well. He did not disappoint.

Great show, once again, though. Very informative. People most likely came away from that show with more insight, than they started with. Kudos