List of foods that can be eaten after the expiration date. Some, shockingly long after.

MSN article showing foods, that last so shockingly long, it is worth the look.

Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021

Well, here we go again. We will once again have, “devastation.” If we had built back better, from previous, “devastation,” we wouldn’t have it this time around. True infrastructure is ignored, or taken care of half-heartedly.

It is all so preventable. We have the technology. No scientific break-throughs necessary. I think television networks and the people responsible for the area’s afflicted, get excited each hurricane season, to see and report on, the “devastation.” No one seems to want to rebuild with wind resistant and flood resistant homes. Maybe even flood and wind proof homes. Sure it would cost money. It also costs money, misery, and lives to have inadequate dwellings and inadequate flood proofing. Hello. We have a yearly hurricane season. Does that not tell people anything? The government spends billions and trillions of dollars on other countries, and on programs in this country. It ought to be able to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century. This includes the inadequate power grid. Currently, there can be rolling black-outs. Some places lose power, ‘if it even thinks about raining hard, with some wind.’ How can anyone expect a community to survive a hurricane, or a tornado? I’ve been harping on this for years. There is a current bill for “infrastructure.” Sure, it seems like, this one is like, going shopping; then, having to go out to eat, because there is nothing to eat at home.

Teaching Math – Thoughts On

Math is the language of the universe.

Denying the opportunity to learn math, especially in the early years, is the same as denying future mathematicians, future scholars, future engineers, future Einsteins, and future scientists. Where would this world be today, without math? How could teachers be able to determine a persons aptitude for math, and help them make good decisions on future plans, if it isn’t taught in schools? There are great minds out there, waiting to be discovered.

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Any teacher who feels math is not worth teaching, gets a failing grade, in being a teacher. All people are not good at math or, at least, think they are not good at math. The only math I liked, was business math. I figured the straight forward math would come in handy in life. I wanted nothing to do with algebra, trigonometry or any of those ‘fancy smancy high falutin math equations. Later in life, I did find it was necessary to learn some algebra to get the job I wanted. I learned just enough to perform the job. Did I learn it because, I matured more? Was it because, I was paying money to learn it; therefore, wanted to learn it? Was it because the instructor had the necessary aptitude, patience, ability, personality, and tools to teach it? Yes, and yes, and yes. I believe, many have the aptitude for math and don’t even know it. It takes a special person to be able to teach a difficult subject to students who are forced to be in class; and therefore, may not appreciate the learning opportunity. I’m talking about the first 12 years of schooling. College has a whole different feel to it. Everyone wants to be there. Everyone wants to learn. This was a sharp contrast to the public schools I went to, growing up. Me included. When in high school, if someone told me I would go to college, I would have told them they were crazy.

As with many professions, there are teachers, who really do not have the propensity to teach. There are teachers, school board members, and leaders, that just don’t, ‘get it.’

In summary: Find ways to teach every student as much as possible. Leave nothing out. Not all students have the ability to grasp certain subjects. Do not penalize them. The reason the student doesn’t do well in a particular subject, may be innate in the student, or it may be the teacher has not figured out the silver method to teach that particular child. Find ways to include them, and help them prosper and feel important, as a human being. They are also, trying to survive in this world.

Side thought: Although the cost of higher education, should not be allowed to exclude people, that cannot afford it, it should not be free either. There needs to be some cost to the student; otherwise, the incentive to actually want to be in class and learn, is not there. The special atmosphere and nuance of attending higher educational facilities may not be there. It would just be an extension of the mandatory schooling of the first 12 years. In college, no one is going to call the parents, if the student skips school. No truant officers will come looking for the student, for not attending classes. It is up to the student to want to be there, and to want to learn.

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Wearing Masks to protect Self and Others – More Thoughts On

You will hear people say masks work. You will hear people say masks do not work. They are all correct. Unless the mask is of the best quality and fits the specks for a proper mask (such as the N95, I believe), and fits as well and tight as a gas mask; viruses can pass through and around; however, a mask is better than no mask. Even if it doesn’t fit well, and is not the level of protection as a N95 mask. Frankly, some protection is better than no protection. Air is quite dynamic. Air swirls in every direction. From the top of the mask. Around the sides of the mask. Even entering from under the mask. Do you want to risk taking in full viral load from expired air of others, directly into your lungs, without blocking any of it or having some type of barrier? I believe it is a matter of viral load. Less is better. The less virus inhaled, the less likely the virus will overwhelm the immune system, before your body can produce the antibody, in sufficient numbers, that will zero in on the antigen (in this case – Covid-19).

You may know that coming in contact with a pathogen and being infected with it, does not guarantee you will come down with an infection. Your immune system deals with the pathogen before it becomes a problem. That explains why some people get Covid without symptoms. The immune system is keeping Covid at bay, but may not have eradicated the virus from the body yet. That is not a problem for you, but it may be for a person near enough to you, to contract Covid from you.

If you are walking through a store, and a person coughs as they walk by you: do you want all that expelled cough mist inhaled directly into your lungs, unimpeded? I don’t think so. The truth is, unless you are in a sterile bubble, contaminated air will probably find it’s way in, if it is around you. Most people do not have enough knowledge, or the ability to protect themselves totally from viruses in the air. To err is human. That goes big time, with people not trained. Trained individuals often are not aware of their surroundings enough to protect themselves from a virulent virus. That is what makes this invisible invader so dangerous. Look at the health professionals. Health professionals contract the virus, while working in hospitals (where they have the best equipment, standards, protocol, procedures, and the best personal protective equipment (PPE). Health professionals caring for Ebola patients in the U.S. came down with the disease (and there were not even that many patients). That is how pervasive and communicable these diseases are. It is very difficult to protect yourself, even under the best of conditions.

Summary: If you want to take measures to help protect you from any airborne pathogen, don’t be afraid to wear your mask. It may take courage and self confidence (with a sense of individuality) to wear the mask; when, no one else is wearing one. You will be a step ahead of all those, not wearing a mask.

Cement/concrete – Too Much Of The Stuff in Architecture?

It seems there are a lot of structures collapsing these days. The ancient Incas had better engineering.

In this day and age, why is so much cement/concrete used in structures? That stuff is heavy. It wasn’t too long ago, a catwalk, of all things, collapsed onto a highway. It wasn’t even completed yet. I couldn’t believe it. It looked to be all cement/concrete. We are talking about a pedestrian walk way, for goodness sake. There are plenty of materials, that would have been adequate for a cat walk. Some cement/concrete could have been used for support structures. With the weight off all that cement/concrete I, for one, am not surprised that buildings are falling in on themselves and cat walks are falling down. Hello. Lets get with the times and improve engineering and architectural design. Guess what? The flooring on multi-level buildings do not have to be made out of cement/concrete. If a building did collapse, it would be a lot safer, if there weren’t tons and tons of cement/concrete over a persons head.

This may not be a qualified opinion, not being an architect and all; however, all I saw in the Surfside building collapse was cement/concrete. Lets have some common sense and forward thinking, interjected into all that book learning.

PS: I used cement and concrete together, because I really don’t have a sense of what’s different between the two. All I know, is both are very heavy, and rock hard. I would rather have 2X4 or 4X4 supports with hardwood floors or something, over my head; or else, that new plastic material that’s supposed to be strong enough for supports.

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