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Blue Dusk, California

Fiery Wanderlust blog, is a blog extra liked. No time needed for reading. There are pictures of places and things. Some pictures give impressions that impact more than others, depending on ones mind. Great stuff. Nature and human endeavors, make natural and wonderful art – for those who look.

Fiery Wanderlust

Blue Dusk, California

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Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production

Above, is a Parler embed – an article regarding China’s plans for boosting coal production. “Beijing is setting back efforts to cut climate-changing carbon emissions …”

I believe, with all the strife in the world today, nuclear power plant accidents and future accidents and dangers, and nuclear weapons talk; that, global warming, currently, is the least of our worries. In fact, because such old technology is used in the making of windmills and space pollution from the windmills – the “green new deal,” is adding to climate change problems – outdated technology, before it even got started. Windmills over bodies of water? One drop of spilled oil contaminates 1 million gallons of fresh water. You do the math.

Actually, if current technology is used in the burning of coal, with filtering and recapturing CO2 during the burning process, pollution from this process is greatly reduced. If China doesn’t have the processes down yet, the U.S. should help them with modern coal burning technologies. – Not necessarily free services. There are the world benefits, and the U.S. could contract out the work, with China.

Avian Flu in America

People do not respect, and are not compassionate; when, it comes to the animals raised for food. They will kill them, without a second thought. What the heck, they can just raise more, right? Animal rights groups should be up in arms, over this (figuratively speaking).

There is a Syracuse Post Standard newspaper article. On one side it says, “Nearly 23 million chickens and turkeys have already been killed across the United States to limit the spread of the virus.” On the other side of that, it says, “Bird flu doesn’t jeopardize the safety of meat or eggs or represent a significant risk to human health, officials say:”

Given the information in the second paragraph, above, experts want to kill the birds indiscriminately, to limit the spread. Would the avian flu kill 23 million chickens and turkeys, if left unchecked? Have 23 million wild birds been killed from the avian flu? I don’t think so. Only humans can kill en masse, to such an extent –

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on

A quick Bing search (what is the number of wild birds killed by the avian flu?), brought up the following result (The result grouped together birds killed by the flu and birds killed by humans to limit the spread – I’ll bet a lot more died by human hands, than by the flu itself).

“Nearly 50 million birds died, either from the virus or from having to be culled, a majority of them in Iowa or Minnesota. The footprint of the current outbreak, extending from the Midwest and Plains to northern New England, has raised concerns.”

Bing search on the Definition of culled:


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  1. (of an animal) selectively slaughtered

With world hunger, lack of food in Ukraine, and inflation; does it make sense to discard, perhaps needlessly, such a big chunk of the food supply?

Humans can have ‘lazy brains.” They often think, only so far; then, stop. Major decisions are made without thinking the problem all the way through. The thinking stops way short.

The article also lists that, “properly cooking poultry and eggs kills bacteria and viruses.” So, just killing the birds doesn’t make any sense. The information in this newspaper article, in itself, is a testimonial, that simply killing the birds and discarding them (in whatever method they use) is, for lack of better words, inhumane and wasteful.

Since the article establishes, that the meat of a bird with avian flu, is not a risk if properly cooked: the meat can be pre-cooked; then, shipped anywhere in the United States, or other countries, where the food is desperately needed. I’m not talking just charity here. I guess the logistics would be like any other for sending food overseas, and throughout the United States.

Front Porch, Venice, Italy

Wow! Really brings forward, the different lifestyles people have. This is worth a reblog. Gives new meaning to living on the waterfront or having waterfront property.

Fiery Wanderlust

Front Porch, Venice, Italy

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Buying Uranium from Russia


If there should ever be another world war, with nuclear exchange, nobody would have to worry about global warming any longer.

President Biden – “‘they will not let me’ cross into Ukraine …”

What should be obvious, is not so obvious to some. Of course, President Biden is not allowed to go into Ukraine. Hello? Ukraine is at war, at this time. Who would allow their president, to be in harm’s way? The mantra should be, ‘protect the President!’

The country of Poland is a good ally, indeed.

One example of the responsibility of protecting the president: President Obama went on the show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It is a good show. As said, Even President Obama appeared on the show. President Obama was driving in the car, with Jerry Seinfeld, and Pres. Obama, wanted to show what would happen if he tried to leave the compound, with Jerry. Well, they drove up to the gate, and guess what happened? They were not allowed to leave the compound. Ha! Watch the episode, if you get the chance. It was a good one. It used to be on, but I don’t see it on there, currently.

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