Cement/concrete – Too Much Of The Stuff in Architecture?

It seems there are a lot of structures collapsing these days. The ancient Incas had better engineering. In this day and age, why is so much cement/concrete used in structures? That stuff is heavy. It wasn’t too long ago, a catwalk, of all things, collapsed onto a highway. It wasn’t even completed yet. I couldn’tContinue reading “Cement/concrete – Too Much Of The Stuff in Architecture?”

Good Morning World!

Good morning and good wishes to everyone, around the world. Remember, and be cognizant that, we all share the same planet, atmosphere, and enveloping environment. Let us all appreciate it, and protect it (most important). We go outside and enjoy life sustaining and, most of the time, comfortable conditions. There is so much around usContinue reading “Good Morning World!”

Thoughts on animals in the city II

It is wondrous, the adaptability of animals. When I say city, I don’t mean in the heart of the city, where it is cement city. I’m talking about the surrounding areas and suburbs. It is still jam-packed with people, houses, and businesses. I’ve always lived in country area’s, before moving to the suburbs, it wouldContinue reading “Thoughts on animals in the city II”

Thoughts on Animals in the City

The animals in the City can seem to abound, more than the animals in the country. I believe that wild animals around a house are good luck. If an animal shows up around the house, don’t fret. Look after it. Your life will be better for it, I bet. Yes, because we feed the birdsContinue reading “Thoughts on Animals in the City”

Pictures from Window Balcony

More squirrel and other pictures from outside our kitchen window. : He became annoyed with me taking his picture and turned his back on me. Lots of squirrels to the window to eat the bird seed. We built a balcony at the window, to see the birds close-up. Needless to say, the squirrels and otherContinue reading “Pictures from Window Balcony”

The better half with home made apple pie

MMM, MMM. Home made apple pie. I’d like to say the pie was made with apples from the tree in the back yard; however, that tree tends to bloom too early and the apples are lost due to frost or even a hard freeze. This year (2020), it might be different. It was pretty consistentlyContinue reading “The better half with home made apple pie”