Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany

Frankly, that is most likely a wise and heroic decision. It takes bravery, to make such a decision; however, that decision could save the country a lot of sorrow, in the future. The powers that be, in Germany, are potential heroes. For a country that size, a nuclear accident could cripple it, I believe. Let’s,Continue reading “Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany”

Literally Building Back Better – When?

If you believe climate change is a real threat, it is here. It is now a matter of how much worse it will get, and how fast. Which leads to what? A sincere question, as Tucker Carlson would say. I have been posting for years, how building back better is a necessity. There has beenContinue reading “Literally Building Back Better – When?”

No One Could Have Predicted – Quick Thought

No one could have predicted the flooding. Just like no one could have predicted the “devastation” of a hurricane – during hurricane season. Yeah, right. If we built back better, starting 100 years ago, we would breeze right through any flooding or hurricanes; that, we see EVERY YEAR. Actually, we probably would not have evenContinue reading “No One Could Have Predicted – Quick Thought”

Vaccination Key – Be More Afraid Of the Infection

The numbers of people scared to get a vaccine, these days, is interesting. I grew up with mandatory vaccines. So, vaccines are not scary to me at all. Starting school, lets see; there were measles, mumps and rubella, and a number of others. I’ve still got the scar on my shoulder, I believe from theContinue reading “Vaccination Key – Be More Afraid Of the Infection”

Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021

Well, here we go again. We will once again have, “devastation.” If we had built back better, from previous, “devastation,” we wouldn’t have it this time around. True infrastructure is ignored, or taken care of half-heartedly. It is all so preventable. We have the technology. No scientific break-throughs necessary. I think television networks and theContinue reading “Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021”

Recent News Coverage Of UFO Sightings – Thoughts Of

With the increased coverage of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings, shouldn’t there be some decent pictures or videos. The videos, look like video game graphics. Crappy graphics at that. I’ve seen clearer pictures of Big foot and the Loch Ness monster. This all seems like a lot of hype to me. Not unlike the hype,Continue reading “Recent News Coverage Of UFO Sightings – Thoughts Of”

Electricity From Wind Turbines – Obsolete Before it Even Got Started

The developed countries are most certainly laughing at the United States. The United States has officially entered “third world” country status. We now have rolling blackouts, and insufficient electricity for the population. Wind turbines aren’t much better than the original rock wheel, invented by the cave man (ha!); in comparison to modern technology we haveContinue reading “Electricity From Wind Turbines – Obsolete Before it Even Got Started”