Avian Flu in America

People do not respect, and are not compassionate; when, it comes to the animals raised for food. They will kill them, without a second thought. What the heck, they can just raise more, right? Animal rights groups should be up in arms, over this (figuratively speaking). There is a Syracuse Post Standard newspaper article. OnContinue reading “Avian Flu in America”

Humans – Can Be a Source of Their Own Demise.

Yeah. Let’s make deadly viruses, bacteria, and etcetera ever more deadly. On the bright side, after humans cause their own extinction, it will be a utopia for the world’s wildlife population. There will still be a food chain, but at least they won’t have to worry about humans. Philosophical: Humans might be seen as swarmingContinue reading “Humans – Can Be a Source of Their Own Demise.”

Covid 19 Positive Tests, In the Vaccinated Population

My view, on the Covid 19 issue: There is altogether, too much Covid 19 testing going on. The Covid 19 vaccination is not like the disinfectants, that kill 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Vaccinated people are going to come in contact, with the Covid 19 virus, just as anyone else. So. It stands toContinue reading “Covid 19 Positive Tests, In the Vaccinated Population”

Viral Infection – Susceptibility Theory

It is said that susceptibility to viral infections, increases in the winter. The reasoning is given, that, this is due to more people spending more time indoors and gathering indoors. Respiratory viruses certainly, may be transferred person to person. That is not the only way to catch a respiratory virus, however. Another theory: Where areContinue reading “Viral Infection – Susceptibility Theory”

Vaccination Key – Be More Afraid Of the Infection

The numbers of people scared to get a vaccine, these days, is interesting. I grew up with mandatory vaccines. So, vaccines are not scary to me at all. Starting school, lets see; there were measles, mumps and rubella, and a number of others. I’ve still got the scar on my shoulder, I believe from theContinue reading “Vaccination Key – Be More Afraid Of the Infection”

Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is when most of a population is immune; therefore, resistant to a particular disease. If the phrase, herd immunity, is researched, you may see this explained as occurring due to previous infection or vaccination. To me, a population of any animal, doesn’t have true heard immunity, unless the immunity is passed on duringContinue reading “Herd Immunity”

Wearing Masks to protect Self and Others – More Thoughts On

You will hear people say masks work. You will hear people say masks do not work. They are all correct. Unless the mask is of the best quality and fits the specks for a proper mask (such as the N95, I believe), and fits as well and tight as a gas mask; viruses can passContinue reading “Wearing Masks to protect Self and Others – More Thoughts On”

Continued Wearing of the Mask

The pressing question: Should we continue to mask up? The issue of wearing a mask, vs not wearing a mask is going in the right direction. Some people find masks confining and can not fathom the wearing of masks, any longer. They feel that, enough is enough. The major threat of the coronavirus is inContinue reading “Continued Wearing of the Mask”

Electricity From Wind Turbines – Obsolete Before it Even Got Started

The developed countries are most certainly laughing at the United States. The United States has officially entered “third world” country status. We now have rolling blackouts, and insufficient electricity for the population. Wind turbines aren’t much better than the original rock wheel, invented by the cave man (ha!); in comparison to modern technology we haveContinue reading “Electricity From Wind Turbines – Obsolete Before it Even Got Started”