Wearing Masks to protect Self and Others – More Thoughts On

You will hear people say masks work. You will hear people say masks do not work. They are all correct. Unless the mask is of the best quality and fits the specks for a proper mask (such as the N95, I believe), and fits as well and tight as a gas mask; viruses can passContinue reading “Wearing Masks to protect Self and Others – More Thoughts On”

Continued Wearing of the Mask

The pressing question: Should we continue to mask up? The issue of wearing a mask, vs not wearing a mask is going in the right direction. Some people find masks confining and can not fathom the wearing of masks, any longer. They feel that, enough is enough. The major threat of the coronavirus is inContinue reading “Continued Wearing of the Mask”

Face Shields, to Guard Against Corona Virus

To me, face shields are nothing more than spit guards, similar to the spit guards you see at buffets. Face shields don’t take into account that air is dynamic, it flows in all different directions. They have a place, but don’t replace face masks. Check with your doctor or other authority regarding this. Some ofContinue reading “Face Shields, to Guard Against Corona Virus”

President Trump VS Governors – Thoughts on

It has been said that President Trump does not have the constitution behind him, when he says he will override the Governors regarding Church openings. That just doesn’t seem right to me. It seems like a chain of command thing. The executive branch of government, ought to ‘trump’ state Governors. Once being elected: If aContinue reading “President Trump VS Governors – Thoughts on”

A Mutant Corona Virus?

MSN.com shows an article from The Los Angeles Times; reporting that, there may be a “mutant corona virus” that is more contagious and as virulent or more so, than the Novel Corona Virus; which, appeared around the same time as the novel corona virus. Scary stuff, however, it looks like researchers and scientists are onContinue reading “A Mutant Corona Virus?”

Novel Corona Virus – Re-infection

We have heard a lot about people surviving the Novel Corona Virus, only to be re-infected. This is what may be happening: The patient did not fully recover to begin with, False negative test results, or The virus mutated, causing a different, or slightly different, antigenic immune response. I believe, of the three bullets (above)Continue reading “Novel Corona Virus – Re-infection”

Novel Corona Virus – Correctional Facilities

There is a lot of complaining, because prisoners are being released, to control the spread of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) within the correctional facilities. Prisoners are being released, then, reoffending; subsequently, being arrested again. The prisoner goes out into the public and possibly picks up the virus; then, brought back to the facility (notContinue reading “Novel Corona Virus – Correctional Facilities”

Corona Virus: Indoors or Outdoors and Common Sense

There is now discussion regarding if it is easier to catch the Novel Corona Virus outside or inside the house. Many people are contracting the virus inside the house. Uh, I believe you don’t have to be a virologist to come up with an educated guess on this one. It is being insinuated that peopleContinue reading “Corona Virus: Indoors or Outdoors and Common Sense”

Corona Virus – a “Biological Chernobyl”

On a Fox News show, Mr. Steve Bannon said the Corona Virus is a, “Biological Chernobyl.” That struck me. The wording he used makes a lot of sense, and is relatable. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster: Chernobyl disaster – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_disaster “The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on Saturday 26 April 1986, atContinue reading “Corona Virus – a “Biological Chernobyl””

Volunteer Army, Millions of Tests Needed to Open the US West

Haven’t used the, Publish This, tool in awhile. Testing it out anew. I used the tool to import this Web site article. Pulled it from the MSN.COM web site. “Volunteer Army, Millions of Tests Needed to Open the US West David R. Baker, Kristen V. Brown and Brian Eckhouse 2 hrs agoDe Blasio: City-permitted eventsContinue reading “Volunteer Army, Millions of Tests Needed to Open the US West”