Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production Above, is a Parler embed – an article regarding China’s plans for boosting coal production. “Beijing is setting back efforts to cut climate-changing carbon emissions …” I believe, with all the strife in the world today, nuclear power plant accidents and future accidents and dangers, and nuclear weapons talk; that, global warming, currently, is the least of our worries. In fact, because suchContinue reading “Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production”

President Biden – “‘they will not let me’ cross into Ukraine …”

What should be obvious, is not so obvious to some. Of course, President Biden is not allowed to go into Ukraine. Hello? Ukraine is at war, at this time. Who would allow their president, to be in harm’s way? The mantra should be, ‘protect the President!’ The country of Poland is a good ally, indeed.Continue reading “President Biden – “‘they will not let me’ cross into Ukraine …””

West VS East – Communism VS Democracy – Us/Them Mentality

I chose the above featured image, because the movie we are currently watching on, is a Mainland China series, Love Designer. The series was filmed, in that city. The world needs to get out of this, “Us and them,” mentality. We all share the same planet. We all want to protect the planet, theContinue reading “West VS East – Communism VS Democracy – Us/Them Mentality”

Speaker Pelosi – Regarding Advice to Athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games

Speaker Pelosi is absolutely correct to advise the athletes at the Olympic games, to not cross the line. It is important to respect the country you are visiting. It is also important, to know your surroundings. This is where many people go astray. The country you are from, may be very tolerant of dissent, andContinue reading “Speaker Pelosi – Regarding Advice to Athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games”

Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany

Frankly, that is most likely a wise and heroic decision. It takes bravery, to make such a decision; however, that decision could save the country a lot of sorrow, in the future. The powers that be, in Germany, are potential heroes. For a country that size, a nuclear accident could cripple it, I believe. Let’s,Continue reading “Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany”

Nuclear Protests

The question is: What is worse? Nuclear or carbon. Frankly, the answer is easy. Nuclear is much worse. I was asking where the protests against nuclear energy were. I hadn’t heard, but knew there had to be some. “They” say nuclear energy is clean. Sure, if it is contained. However, that monster breaks free. NuclearContinue reading “Nuclear Protests”