Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021

Well, here we go again. We will once again have, “devastation.” If we had built back better, from previous, “devastation,” we wouldn’t have it this time around. True infrastructure is ignored, or taken care of half-heartedly. It is all so preventable. We have the technology. No scientific break-throughs necessary. I think television networks and theContinue reading “Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021”

Thoughts on Hurricanes – Based on Health and Human Services tweet

Thought provoking responses: Replying to @HHSGov : That is disgusting. Another example of our failure to evolve; using our knowledge, engineering, and technology to keep up with the times. People describe the aftermath of a hurricane as “devastation,” yet there seems to be no motivation. No breakthroughs in science are needed. Replying to @HHSGov :Continue reading “Thoughts on Hurricanes – Based on Health and Human Services tweet”

Thoughts on California Wild Fires

It is a complicated matter; however, somebody must be doing something wrong. The droughts, of course, increase the risk and probability of wild fires. On the other hand, what is really being done to catch these fires early, before they are hundreds of acres large or more, with a percentage of ‘containment’? We used toContinue reading “Thoughts on California Wild Fires”

Hurricane and other Flooding

I just do not get it. Time after time, there is ‘so called devastation’ from flooding. Do our leaders really consider it, “devastation?” I don’t think so. Otherwise,  anyone who was and is, in a position to do something about the flooding, would have done something; unless, they thought that the damage from major flooding,Continue reading “Hurricane and other Flooding”

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

God bless all those effected by the hurricane devastation in Oklahoma City, and God speed. My hope is that we, as a people, are waking up to the forces of nature that will continue to strike periodically (almost certainly). It seems to me that we have a long way to go, to be proactive. whenContinue reading “Tornadoes and Hurricanes”