Pictures from Window Balcony

More squirrel and other pictures from outside our kitchen window. : He became annoyed with me taking his picture and turned his back on me. Lots of squirrels to the window to eat the bird seed. We built a balcony at the window, to see the birds close-up. Needless to say, the squirrels and otherContinue reading “Pictures from Window Balcony”

Rose of Sharon pictures

The Rose of Sharon bushes, here, are being trained to grow around the balcony. The balcony was built for the squirrels and birds. These Rose of Sharon bushes are only two summer’s old. Purple Rose of Sharon from cross pollination of the white flower. I planted 6 seeds from the bush with the white flowers and wasContinue reading “Rose of Sharon pictures”

Squirrel and bird feeder self build

Good Morning all: Why not share some pictures of self made squirrel and bird feeders? The fence was there, just begging for a project to give the squirrels a reason to do their high wire act across it.The feeders were made a piece at a time, the way the feeders developed in the mind. First,Continue reading “Squirrel and bird feeder self build”