Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021

Well, here we go again. We will once again have, “devastation.” If we had built back better, from previous, “devastation,” we wouldn’t have it this time around. True infrastructure is ignored, or taken care of half-heartedly. It is all so preventable. We have the technology. No scientific break-throughs necessary. I think television networks and theContinue reading “Hurricane to Hit Louisiana – In The Day of Our Lord 08/29/2021”

Recent News Coverage Of UFO Sightings – Thoughts Of

With the increased coverage of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings, shouldn’t there be some decent pictures or videos. The videos, look like video game graphics. Crappy graphics at that. I’ve seen clearer pictures of Big foot and the Loch Ness monster. This all seems like a lot of hype to me. Not unlike the hype,Continue reading “Recent News Coverage Of UFO Sightings – Thoughts Of”

Pills, In Place of Lunch

Has anyone seen those futuristic shows, where people take pills, instead of a plate of food? It appears we are coming closer to that reality. Commercials for Balance of nature, show that the food is dehydrated and placed in capsules. Wow. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds interesting. They are “100% All-natural whole foodContinue reading “Pills, In Place of Lunch”

Thoughts on Hurricanes – Based on Health and Human Services tweet

Thought provoking responses: Replying to @HHSGov : That is disgusting. Another example of our failure to evolve; using our knowledge, engineering, and technology to keep up with the times. People describe the aftermath of a hurricane as “devastation,” yet there seems to be no motivation. No breakthroughs in science are needed. Replying to @HHSGov :Continue reading “Thoughts on Hurricanes – Based on Health and Human Services tweet”

Good Morning World!

Good morning and good wishes to everyone, around the world. Remember, and be cognizant that, we all share the same planet, atmosphere, and enveloping environment. Let us all appreciate it, and protect it (most important). We go outside and enjoy life sustaining and, most of the time, comfortable conditions. There is so much around usContinue reading “Good Morning World!”

United States and Evolution

Well, Bernie Sanders is winning the nomination as a socialist. If Bernie Sanders were anything other than a socialist, he should define it and be able to articulate it’s ideology. Calling himself a democratic socialist doesn’t cut it, in my mind. If the three branches of government and the political parties were against socialism, theyContinue reading “United States and Evolution”

Bill Nye vs Tucker Carlson on Climate Change

On the Fox News channel, I saw Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye spar, on the topic of climate change. Bill Nye – Climate change is caused by human activity Tucker Carlson – Just doesn’t know, but disagrees that we can say for sure that climate change is caused by humans. Tucker Carlson is great toContinue reading “Bill Nye vs Tucker Carlson on Climate Change”