Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production Above, is a Parler embed – an article regarding China’s plans for boosting coal production. “Beijing is setting back efforts to cut climate-changing carbon emissions …” I believe, with all the strife in the world today, nuclear power plant accidents and future accidents and dangers, and nuclear weapons talk; that, global warming, currently, is the least of our worries. In fact, because suchContinue reading “Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production”

Avian Flu in America

People do not respect, and are not compassionate; when, it comes to the animals raised for food. They will kill them, without a second thought. What the heck, they can just raise more, right? Animal rights groups should be up in arms, over this (figuratively speaking). There is a Syracuse Post Standard newspaper article. OnContinue reading “Avian Flu in America”

Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany

Frankly, that is most likely a wise and heroic decision. It takes bravery, to make such a decision; however, that decision could save the country a lot of sorrow, in the future. The powers that be, in Germany, are potential heroes. For a country that size, a nuclear accident could cripple it, I believe. Let’s,Continue reading “Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany”

Viral Infection – Susceptibility Theory

It is said that susceptibility to viral infections, increases in the winter. The reasoning is given, that, this is due to more people spending more time indoors and gathering indoors. Respiratory viruses certainly, may be transferred person to person. That is not the only way to catch a respiratory virus, however. Another theory: Where areContinue reading “Viral Infection – Susceptibility Theory”

Nuclear Protests

The question is: What is worse? Nuclear or carbon. Frankly, the answer is easy. Nuclear is much worse. I was asking where the protests against nuclear energy were. I hadn’t heard, but knew there had to be some. “They” say nuclear energy is clean. Sure, if it is contained. However, that monster breaks free. NuclearContinue reading “Nuclear Protests”

Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is when most of a population is immune; therefore, resistant to a particular disease. If the phrase, herd immunity, is researched, you may see this explained as occurring due to previous infection or vaccination. To me, a population of any animal, doesn’t have true heard immunity, unless the immunity is passed on duringContinue reading “Herd Immunity”

Pills, In Place of Lunch

Has anyone seen those futuristic shows, where people take pills, instead of a plate of food? It appears we are coming closer to that reality. Commercials for Balance of nature, show that the food is dehydrated and placed in capsules. Wow. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds interesting. They are “100% All-natural whole foodContinue reading “Pills, In Place of Lunch”

Bill Nye vs Tucker Carlson on Climate Change

On the Fox News channel, I saw Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye spar, on the topic of climate change. Bill Nye – Climate change is caused by human activity Tucker Carlson – Just doesn’t know, but disagrees that we can say for sure that climate change is caused by humans. Tucker Carlson is great toContinue reading “Bill Nye vs Tucker Carlson on Climate Change”