Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production Above, is a Parler embed – an article regarding China’s plans for boosting coal production. “Beijing is setting back efforts to cut climate-changing carbon emissions …” I believe, with all the strife in the world today, nuclear power plant accidents and future accidents and dangers, and nuclear weapons talk; that, global warming, currently, is the least of our worries. In fact, because suchContinue reading “Parler Parley, regarding China boosting Coal Production”

Humans – Can Be a Source of Their Own Demise.

Yeah. Let’s make deadly viruses, bacteria, and etcetera ever more deadly. On the bright side, after humans cause their own extinction, it will be a utopia for the world’s wildlife population. There will still be a food chain, but at least they won’t have to worry about humans. Philosophical: Humans might be seen as swarmingContinue reading “Humans – Can Be a Source of Their Own Demise.”

Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany

Frankly, that is most likely a wise and heroic decision. It takes bravery, to make such a decision; however, that decision could save the country a lot of sorrow, in the future. The powers that be, in Germany, are potential heroes. For a country that size, a nuclear accident could cripple it, I believe. Let’s,Continue reading “Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, In Germany”

United States In Alternate Universe – Satire

The current situation in the United States reminds me of the movie, “Back To The Future.” Where Biff steals the betting book, brings it back to the future, makes big bucks betting on events that have already happened, and takes over leadership. The area becomes a very dangerous, and dark place to live. It seemsContinue reading “United States In Alternate Universe – Satire”

Nuclear Protests

The question is: What is worse? Nuclear or carbon. Frankly, the answer is easy. Nuclear is much worse. I was asking where the protests against nuclear energy were. I hadn’t heard, but knew there had to be some. “They” say nuclear energy is clean. Sure, if it is contained. However, that monster breaks free. NuclearContinue reading “Nuclear Protests”

No One Could Have Predicted – Quick Thought

No one could have predicted the flooding. Just like no one could have predicted the “devastation” of a hurricane – during hurricane season. Yeah, right. If we built back better, starting 100 years ago, we would breeze right through any flooding or hurricanes; that, we see EVERY YEAR. Actually, we probably would not have evenContinue reading “No One Could Have Predicted – Quick Thought”