Hawaii, Island of Oahu- Fun, and Potentially Deadly Places To Go

Enjoy, but be very careful, when visiting these areas. The Toilet Bowl The average tourist may not know about this spot. It is on the other side of Sandy Beach, coming from Honolulu and heading in the direction of Diamond Head Crater. It is more or less a large hole surrounded by rocky terrain, butContinue reading “Hawaii, Island of Oahu- Fun, and Potentially Deadly Places To Go”

Snorkeling II, The Lone Adventure

Snorkeling off the shore of Moanalua, Hawaii (Island of Oahu): It was a windy day. The ocean looked angry, with high waves crashing against the rocks. It was not the best day, or place to snorkel. Being one for going off the beaten path; well, the ocean was no different. The waves did not seem realContinue reading “Snorkeling II, The Lone Adventure”

Thoughts on Football and Society

What is the deal with society being afraid of people playing football? We played sand lot tackle football, when I was a kid. No pads; no helmets. There were no fans watching. No one was out to hurt anyone. We played for the fun of it. There might be a broken nose, or some other relativelyContinue reading “Thoughts on Football and Society”

Goldfish Trials and Tribulations

There are these Goldfish that have, by a stroke of fate, survived well these past four years or so. They were in a pet store: scrawny, Malnourished, marasmic, and awaiting their unfortunate destiny as feeder fish. Then, as a stroke of fate, a couple entered the store looking for fish to put in a little pond thatContinue reading “Goldfish Trials and Tribulations”