Pills, In Place of Lunch

Has anyone seen those futuristic shows, where people take pills, instead of a plate of food? It appears we are coming closer to that reality. Commercials for Balance of nature, show that the food is dehydrated and placed in capsules. Wow. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds interesting. They are “100% All-natural whole foodContinue reading “Pills, In Place of Lunch”

Coffee, Creamer, Milk – Quirk of the Day

About a quarter or 1/3 cup of cold coffee, with International Hazel Nut creamer: Reheat it, throw it out, or make another cup? How about adding milk and drinking it cold? Yeah, I wanted a refresh on my coffee one morning, but was too lazy to make another cup. I decided to just add someContinue reading “Coffee, Creamer, Milk – Quirk of the Day”

High Acres Apts and Townhomes – Category: Things I like

Didn’t live there, and had a lot of experience with High Acres management, and maintenance crew. Great place to be, with great people. Especially Chris, who is the manager, yet works very hard doing his management thing along with helping and working along side the maintenance crew. He is a rugged guy, who always remindedContinue reading “High Acres Apts and Townhomes – Category: Things I like”