West VS East – Communism VS Democracy – Us/Them Mentality

I chose the above featured image, because the movie we are currently watching on Viki.com, is a Mainland China series, Love Designer. The series was filmed, in that city. The world needs to get out of this, “Us and them,” mentality. We all share the same planet. We all want to protect the planet, theContinue reading “West VS East – Communism VS Democracy – Us/Them Mentality”

United States In Alternate Universe – Satire

The current situation in the United States reminds me of the movie, “Back To The Future.” Where Biff steals the betting book, brings it back to the future, makes big bucks betting on events that have already happened, and takes over leadership. The area becomes a very dangerous, and dark place to live. It seemsContinue reading “United States In Alternate Universe – Satire”

National Security

A Twitter post, speaks of a person who wants to take away our police forces ability to protect themselves, and properly defend our people. We absolutely need the ability to fight our enemies, foreign and domestic. Police forces of all countries have to have the ability to protect and serve their citizens; as well as,Continue reading “National Security”

Presidential Campaign 2020

The video clip below, may be what it has boiled down to. A violent socialist regime, or President Trump. I’m not talking about the kneeling part. In current government, anyone can kneel (be it government employees or individuals). I’m not going to spell out gloom and doom, if former Vice President Biden is elected. IContinue reading “Presidential Campaign 2020”

Police Force Policy/Tactics – Thoughts On

Repeat, repeat, and repeat. It seems just as unrest within the nation calms down, there is a repeat of police tactics that cause harm or death to an individual being arrested or under custody. Do we not learn from past mistakes? Why do we keep repeating them? We see the failures to protect people, andContinue reading “Police Force Policy/Tactics – Thoughts On”

Mass Shootings – Tip of the day – and Opinions

Do not be the horse fighting the rope: Go after what is at the other end of the rope. Possible examples of what is at the other end of the rope: Television, internet, video games, lax gun laws (these might even be part of the rope, in which case, things just became more complicated andContinue reading “Mass Shootings – Tip of the day – and Opinions”