secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others:
“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers” · [more]
synonyms: conspiracy · connivance · complicity · intrigue · plotting · secret understanding · collaboration · scheming
illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.


What were some of those examples again?

“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”  – “collusion between media owners and political leaders”

What is one of the good sounding synonyms?: collaboration – Of course a person could even spin this, with the following: “traitorous cooperation with an enemy.” — Well, good luck with that. Ha!

Let me change one of the above examples to: President Trump is working in collusion with the Russians – What would this mean, really? It could mean something beneficial, or it could mean something negative.

The people doing the accusing ought to be specific. I believe every president colluded with leaders of other nations.

It appears, as often happens, some people went off half cocked. Frankly, that has always been annoying. Do the homework, and get the facts straight, before moving forward. A lot of times, thinking things through, will stop whatever it is, that was being planned; simply because, it is found out that there is nothing to go on. Things are often not as they appear, on the surface. I believe that is what has made the media look bad, lately. In the fervor to get the story out, they get over-zealous and don’t look beneath the surface (they don’t do a thorough investigation) of something that, otherwise, looks negative or wrong.


spectrumWow and Yikes!. Spectrum Cable just doesn’t want to work with us. Now they want approximately $5.00 a month for each digital adaptor, in the house. Good grief. The adaptor is needed to be able to receive the service, on our televisions. That seems like extorted pricing to me. If they are needed to be able to use the service, and they gave the adaptors out when they went digital, isn’t it wrong to start charging now?

We called Spectrum to try to get a cheaper package – Believe it or not, the person checked on what he could do for us; then, came back with a $175.00 package. Hello! We told him we needed money taken off, not added on. The cheapest package they have is only $12.00 less than what we are paying, and doesn’t include the few channels we actually watch!

We asked the service guy, about the current offers on their website. Well, that doesn’t apply to us, because we are an existing customer. We would have to cancel Spectrum for at least 30 days, to be considered new customers (at least he gave us some potentially useful information, on that).

We used to be able to negotiate with Time Warner. Spectrum is too rigid, and doesn’t seem to care about its existing customers.

What say you.


Someone posted this picture on Google Plus. I like the picture, in this article; however, I believe the stuff written on it, is off base and naïve.

We have spent trillions on other countries, at  the expense of our own. We imprison people rather than kill them. Universal health care does sound good. What person would not appreciate being taken care of, regardless of their status or financial situation.

Universal health care

Universal health care, sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, or universal care, usually refers to a health care system which provides health care and financial protection to all citizens of a particular country.

Universal health care – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The reality has been: If you’re an adult, your expected to be able to get a job, manage money, and obtain insurance (in other words, support yourself). You shouldn’t go around believing that the world owes you a living. Once a person comes of age, they are expected to be competent and be able to survive and even flourish – If you cannot do these things, for reasons beyond your control, there are different levels of public assistance (depending on how bad off you are).

You shouldn’t pray for a life that is easy. You should prey for the strength to endure the hardships that might come your way. That is called being an adult.

Jesus pointing a

Written over the picture was that trillions of dollars are spent on war, imprisonment, and death and the conservatives didn’t say anything. Then, it stated, that when universal health care is brought up, the conservatives ask, “who pays for it?”


The news is reporting about climate change, and the smog problem in China.

The U.S. used to have a big smog problem in the cities. I haven’t heard about smog being a big problem in the U.S. in a long time.

Why aren’t we helping China with this correctable problem? We cleaned up our smoke stacks – instead of billowing out black smoke; the smoke now, is white. We can help China with that, can’t we? I’m sure there are other ways of getting rid of the smog, that we can help with also.

There is too much happening in the world to let anti-American and anti-government personnel keep going on with their unhindered campaigns to ruin this nation. It is time to throw the babies out with the swamp water.

There are people, even in government positions, sticking their middle fingers up at the president, swearing and being vulgar to the president of the United States. This can not be allowed to go on. They are using our democracy against us. Rights can be taken to an extreme, and abused. That is what is happening today. When a right becomes abused, it is no longer a right – we have to stop it. This has to do with the imbalance of power. Too much power is being taken away from the president – It seems he is allowing this to happen. If we don’t confront the internal dangers, we are not going to be effective at confronting external dangers, until it is too late.

Russia, China, North Korea … all know this country is becoming paralyzed with internal strife and in-fighting among its factions. Who knew the United States would succumb to the problems of the so-called, “third world countries.” Who knew the word ‘factions’ would be used regarding the United States. We need to turn this around. Only then, can we properly run this country and maintain our standing in the world. If the government in power doesn’t do something drastic, this country may be seeing its last days as any kind of super-power. The window to act is closing fast. In many area’s the window has already closed. If President Trump wants to keep this nation intact, and be able to utilize its strength, he going to have to institute some drastic measures.

I’m on a rant, so I’ll keep going.

First off, in this paragraph – China, and Russia are not our enemies. They are our competitors. China has man-made Islands. Countries are testing us and we are failing those tests. It used to be that the United states would make the bold moves and test other countries. Why aren’t we creating man made islands (I implied this in a previous blog)? Why aren’t we testing other countries? We should be the first, in doing new things. We are not only stagnating, we are moving backward. We should be creating underwater cities – fortified, of course, so a torpedo or something wouldn’t take it out. The city would need the capability to protect itself. Talking about that, we need new technologies and methods for protecting our country. Too many rogue nations have nuclear capabilities. We no longer have an advantage on thatLike I said, the windows of opportunity are closing fast and we need to act. Failure to do that, is putting our country at risk. It is too easy to be complacent, at a time when complacency will cause harm to us (more than likely, worse).

We need to stop thinking we are invulnerable. We need to come out of our coma. We need to do the hard things, to move our nation forward again. Once we stop evolving, we are dead meat. You don’t have to look far to see nations that have note evolved, and are in ruins – These nations probably would not exist without out other nations, essentially running those countries. Create/invent new technologies. Use these technologies to our fullest advantage.

There are people who know exactly what I’m talking about – Get moving!


There was an episode where a politician performed a “body slam” on a reporter. I wasn’t there, and I haven’t seen a video on it, so I don’t know. I can only imagine the reporter pushing a microphone in the politician’s face, or standing too close. Yes, a person has a certain space limit, where they become very uncomfortable if someone invades it.

It’s called, ‘don’t start nuthin; there won’t be nuthin.’ Just like nations protect their space, individuals protect their space. Invading someone’s space and staying there after repeated requests and demands to get out of it, will often cause an altercation. If a person does that, and gets body slammed, they shouldn’t whine about their glasses being broken. People say, oh, you shouldn’t resort to violence in any case. Body slamming the person was probably mild. That doesn’t sound like violence to me. He just did what came natural to his nature (and only went so far as to get the person out of his space), when a person was in his space making him uncomfortable. The reporter should consider himself lucky (and learn about human nature, from the incident). It is actually common sense.

I took some pictures from a Bing search. There is a lot out there regarding personal space.

personal space 3space 2personal-space 4

Of course, the ideal thing to do, is put up with it; however, realize that not everyone can. That is a good way to bait someone – invade their space long enough, and something is bound to happen. I would think the reporter’s behavior should be brought into question and some of the blame be put on him. Like I said from the start, though, I wasn’t there.

Psych 102

If the democrats can actually bring about impeachment proceedings against a president like this one, on trumped-up charges; it would only mean one thing – The president really doesn’t have any power – Just a figurehead that can be taken out by vicious people, who do not even attempt to hide their contempt. If they could, they would ride the President out on a rail, simply because they want to. Wow, this is an eye opener. I still can not understand, how people in government can keep their jobs, after the behavior and frame of mind they display. Again, an eye opener. Who knew our government would seem so weak. All the weapons in the world will not work, when up against an imploding government. I don’t want to see what rises to the top, once that happens. Can you spell, eebie jeebies? That’s what it gives me.

You be the judge – I suppose, what I’m getting at is: In the context they created, the democrats have lost all credibility.

Despite the media and Democrat’s belligerence

, however, the world see’s President Trump as a good thing (not just the patriots, in the United States). There is hope. Here’s to a prosperous world. Raise your glass to President Trump. Raise your glass to a long-lasting and prosperous planet earth. Raise your glass to the universe.spok


The democrats, frustrated in their complete failure, turned to the South Park cartoon – They consulted with Captain Chaos and Lieutenant Disarray. The consult resulted in the Democrats bringing in a secret weapon:

The hope is that, this will confuse and irritate the Republicans


I worked at a local jail for 5 years. I probably am more for using physical force, than most people. Nothing shocks me. I believe, ‘I get it.’ When these tactics are moved from the jails and prisons, to public venues; on the other hand, there is a risk to public safety. Those methods should be restricted to correctional facilities; otherwise, The people charged with protecting the public, can become a danger to the public. I never saw an injury, such as occurred to that man, in the jail setting. Believe, me. Unless the person was truly crazy, it went from F U to yes sir and yes ma’am. I won’t go into the tactics used on belligerent inmates, in this article.


One person replied to an article, that if your asked to comply, you comply. I agree with that, frankly. I believe the man should have left the plane willingly. Some people don’t have the good sense god should have given them. On the other hand, this person was not a criminal and was in a public place. One has an expectation of civil behavior. He simply did not want to give up his seat – right or wrong, it didn’t warrant violence, or a complete disregard for the person’s safety. At least, not in this situation. What-ever happened to problem solving techniques and compassion. What were the consequences, of the man keeping his seat? This is one of the questions that should have been pondered before injuring the man and causing a public display? Obviously, from the public outrage, injuring someone, because they would not do what you say, isn’t always the right thing to do. We are getting away from corporal punishment of children in schools (we all know how obstinate a child can be). This was similar. Some grown-ups have child-like behavior. They shouldn’t necessarily be subjected to corporal punishment.

The good news is, United Airlines changed their policy. Hopefully, the Marshals will think on this and institute some investigative and problem solving techniques, before determining the need for the use of force. This seemed like the most benign of cases. No danger to anyone. It was a disagreement, that could have been managed internally and prevented all this ‘hupla.’ This gives new meaning to making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. Respond, if you wish to opine.

Nuclear Proliferation Treaty of 1968

“The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was an agreement signed in 1968 by several of the major nuclear and non-nuclear powers that pledged their cooperation in stemming the spread of nuclear technology.”

This is a very serious matter. The more nations with this kind of capability increases the risk of world-wide destruction. It is no surprise, nations want this kind of power. It is also no surprise that there are many, many nations that make it their duty to prevent this from happening. The reality is, that nations that don’t already have it, shouldn’t have it. It is a case of being careful of what you wish for. It could ultimately lead to the destruction of that nation. I believe that world maps could be changed over this. Not for oil, land, or natural resources; but, to prevent the spread of the nuclear threat. I believe that nuclear technology is the single greatest man-made threat, to humans and animals alike. All nations should be very concerned.