Ebola and Quarantine, The Saga Continues

People are now talking about quarantines being a disincentive. I don’t believe this is the case. This won’t discourage most people from going to Africa, to care for patients. If a person can leave their loved ones, and jobs for as long as it takes to do what they need to do in Africa; a little extraContinue reading “Ebola and Quarantine, The Saga Continues”

Ebola and quarantine

A nurse coming back to New York, was quarantined. Yayeeee! The nurse complained to the news papers about it, which is o.k. I believe this was a first. she wasn’t prepared for it. Also, it doesn’t seem the living conditions she is enduring, are  the best. No one can reasonably say anything disparaging about the nurse. SheContinue reading “Ebola and quarantine”

Say What? – Ebola issue

A doctor comes back from treating Ebola patient’s, and just sashay’s in, and goes directly to the streets of New York? Wow. Now they are really getting gross. So much for the questionnaires or screening at the airports. It  boggles the mind. people have short term memories. Ha!  We are just winding down from the last one.Continue reading “Say What? – Ebola issue”

Spread of Ebola

Well, that’s it people. The news this morning reported that the CDC said that restricting flights from the Ebola effected areas would not bring the risk down to zero. Hello Yeah, since we can’t decrease the risk down to zero, lets just not worry about it. Yeah, that is like telling someone: You increase yourContinue reading “Spread of Ebola”

Thoughts on the Ebola outbreak reaching the United States

WordPress.com You may  have heard that the first Ebola infection, was diagnosed in the United States. Food for thought: There were these smart doctors on the news talking about it. Someone asked about people coming to the United States from the troubled areas. That’s where, I believe, these smart doctors showed their ignorance. Oh, heContinue reading “Thoughts on the Ebola outbreak reaching the United States”