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May everyone who enters the realm of this blog, have many blessings bestowed upon them.


This blog is a great place for flexing the mind, in a safe and supportive environment. This diverse blog is for everybody. Everyone is welcome!

Here, there are diverse articles, that touch people on many levels.

These posts allow you to discover insights and knowledge you may not have known you possessed. Sit back and enjoy the differences that this blog offers. Enjoy the weaving process that is the happy and care free times; as well as, the strife and struggles of life.

  • Blogger: One who regularly posts to their blog, or a blog.
  • Blog: A web site or web page managed and updated. Written in the individualized style of the blogger (tends to be unpretentious and chatty in style). In other words, informal.
  • Diversity: Writing in a range of styles, views, and/or topics – the posts put forth, are variegated.

Tips For Exploring This Blog:

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the page: There is information throughout, including at the bottom of the page; such as, additional Menus.
  • Blog Articles Page: To separate a post, from the other posts – Place the curser on the title. It will turn red. Click on it. This brings up just the post you want. This makes it helpful for printing, re-blogging, sharing, and handling.
  • Archived Posts: – There are two ways to bring up the full post:
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Fresh start every day. The picture does have a refreshing appeal to it. I enjoy looking at it, more than the others.

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